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Condition Assessments

Restoration Design


Facade Rehabilitation

Private Residence

Philadelphia, PA

sbk + partners, LLC was engaged by Keast & Hood Co., structural engineers, to assess the condition of the east façade of a mid-century modern townhouse in the historic Society Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, in collaboration with their assessment of distress in the associated brick masonry.  The townhouse was built in 1961 as part of Bingham Court, a development of low-rise townhouses designed by I.M.Pei. 


sbk established the team’s philosophical approach for the project and provided a detailed report of existing conditions and a preservation alternative, to restore the pressed steel façade, and a rehabilitation alternative, to reconstruct the façade in aluminum.  sbk provided construction documents for reconstruction of the facade in aluminum, including window replacement, flashing brick masonry piers at the roof level, and brick masonry reconstruction and repointing.


sbk worked with design team and contractor to develop a historically appropriate mortar, and during construction to resolve issues that arose due to the differences between the method of attachment of the original pressed steel façade and the installation requirements of the new aluminum skin and windows.  sbk obtained project approval from Philadelphia Historical Commission.

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