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Condition Assessments

Restoration Design


Moisture Intrusion Mitigation

The Kamin Entrance

The University of Pennsylvania Museum

of Archaeology and Anthropology

Philadelphia, PA

The Penn Museum, designed by prominent Philadelphia architect Wilson Eyre, Jr., is a National Historic Landmark on the University of Pennsylvania campus.  The Kamin Entrance is the primary public entrance to the musuem.


sbk + partners, LLC collaborated with Keast and Hood Company structural engineers to resolve water infiltration to occupied areas below the stairways on either side of the entrance.  An initial condition assessment guided construction documents for restoration.  The entrance structure is brick masonry with white marble caps and integral benches, and granite stairways and landings.


Challenges addressed in this project included replication of the visible aggregate in the buff mortar, a character defining feature of the museum building.  Red mortar used between pairs of adjacent stretcher bricks to give the appearance of one long Roman brick was restored throughout.  sbk provided mortar analysis to inform the mortar composition, in particular the various aggregates.  In addition to repointing, the stairway received a gentle cleaning, iron elements were painted, and water damaged interior finishes repaired.  Investigation during construction led to repair of a below grade flashing, previously not identified. 


sbk also advised Keast and Hood on roofing materials and specifications for the replacement of internal roof areas below the stair structure, and a new water-proof flooring for an interior filter room that serves the courtyard koi pond. 






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